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About Gem

We are an all-in-one marketing agency

Welcome to the era of performance marketing with Gem Marketing. We're here to simplify your marketing efforts and deliver real results. Whether you prefer full-service solutions or tools for DIY, we've got you covered. By connecting with top experts in various fields, we help your business shine, grow, and engage with your audience.

Our flexible services and packages are tailored to businesses of all sizes and industries. Contact us today to learn more!

Our story

Victoria Cropp is the director of Gem Agencies Limited, with Gem Marketing as its subsidiary. Based in Cambridge, Waikato; Gem serves clients in Tauranga, Auckland, and the wider 'Golden Triangle' of NZ Inc. We specialize in creative content, marketing strategy, digital advertising, and brand management for both consumer and corporate applications.

What sets us apart is our collaborative approach, connecting experts to deliver high-quality strategies and results. We believe in harnessing the power of collaboration, just like building a house where various experts work together. We're a dynamic, trailblazing marketing agency dedicated to helping businesses grow, perform, and engage their audience."

Outside of work, Victoria embraces her love for outdoor activities like skiing, biking, fishing, horse riding, camping, and beach outings. She's dedicated to growing the business and sharing her passion and expertise.

Welcome to Gem Marketing!

Our Reviews

"A mutual friend introduced Victoria and I, and I am so glad! Victoria is now a lovely friend but on a business level, has a high attention to detail, a high work ethic, is filled with excellent ideas, great communicator and a meticulous producer of marketing material. Matched with her personality, provides a great combination for great collaboration and smooth business dealings. Thank you Victoria, and always looking forward to future business together."

- Kim Brown from She is Unleashed

"I have engaged Victoria from Gem Marketing to rebuild my website and take over all social media management for RegenerationHQ. We are in the early stages but what I can say is that the work, the attention to detail and the deep understanding of how the digital world works is inspiring and reassuring to see. I would recommend Gem to anyone looking to make a difference in their on-line and social media presence and in fact have done so. I will be using Gem with my own clients in future and will do so with real confidence that the outcome will always be excellent."

- John Luxton from Regeneration HQ

"Congratulations to Victoria and Gem Marketing for their innovative and direct approach to digital marketing and the work they are doing for Prime Strategies Ltd. I have thoroughly enjoyed the engagement process to date and look forward to seeing the results of some very creative and hard work from the Gem Marketing team. Well done."

- Alex Reid from Prime Strategies

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